How To Improve Mental Well Being During Pregnancy?  — September 11, 2019

How To Improve Mental Well Being During Pregnancy? 

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Being pregnant is undoubtedly a happy moment for not only parents-to-be but the entire family. Apart from the abundant happiness, it can also make you feel worried, unwell and uncomfortable. All of this is pretty understandable and normal, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. Emotional changes during pregnancy are common because of the effect of pregnancy hormones on the body and mood that develops depression, anxiety, mood swings, stress, and panic. These mixed feelings continue till you give the birth. Here are some tips to help yourself manage these mixed emotions and support your mental well being.

Talk, Talk And Talk

Connect with other moms-to-be to talk and share your emotions and overall well being. Being a mum can be a lonely business and therefore enroll in an antenatal class near you as it can be a lifesaver. It can help you to manage stress, deal with depression and ease anxiety during pregnancy. Talk to your midwife, life partner, family and friends about how you are feeling. Consider counseling if you prefer to talk to someone you do not know. 


Try to keep yourself physically active as much as you can. Indulge in one or more activities of your choice from the following: yoga, swimming, walking, running, dancing, antenatal aerobics along with meditation. A regular exercise helps to lift the mood and release endorphins which is great for you and your baby’s health. It is also a great way to meet other mums-to-be and make friends. 


Learn to sit back and relax. Take out some me-time from your daily routine and spend some quality time with your won company. It could be anything such as watching a movie, dinner out, a massage, a manicure or a pedicure, reading a book, listening to music, watching your favorite show on television, etc. Simply do what you love to do. Get enough rest and sleep well as good quality sleep in pregnancy is extremely important. 

Eat Well

Take extra care of your diet. Eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy meal sin regular intervals. A healthy and balanced diet will help your body to cope with the changes and demands of pregnancy and it is essential for your growing baby. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol completely.

Do not hesitate to ask your family and friends for help whenever needed for household work, shopping, etc. Get a well-being scan done at the best baby scan clinic in Reading at Window to the Womb. In short, be kind to yourself and your baby. Celebrate your pregnancy month by month.

Why Gender Reveal Parties Are So Hyped These Days! — June 18, 2019

Why Gender Reveal Parties Are So Hyped These Days!

Having a child, irrespective of their gender is precious for every parent out there. However, get to know about their gender in advance is a rather special feeling that is possible these days, thanks to the gender scan clinic. These scannings are yield accurate results and also help the parents in more than one ways. Let’s discuss them all, one by one.

1. It Helps Parents To Pick Names

Okay, there are innumerable good names but there is only one baby. So, knowing the gender of the baby beforehand actually helps the to-be parents to remove a whole lot of name set and pick from the ones, that is suitable.

2. It Helps Parents To Plan For The Nursery

Planning for the name is just one aspect for preparing for the upcoming baby. Planning and assembling the nursery is quite crucial too. Knowing the baby’s gender beforehand helps the parents to select the theme, color and other things for the nursery.

3. It Helps to consider Medical Procedures

Though all baby requires most of the medical care irrespective of the gender of the baby. However, there a few things that depend on their particular gender. Such as getting a cervical cancer vaccination or getting a male circumcision depends purely, whether you are expecting a boy or girl. Though it might not take a lot of money, before educating yourself regarding that, earlier is always a good choice.

4. It Helps To Blend Them With Older Siblings

In case you have older children at home, knowing whether they are going to have a baby sister or brother, is a big help. You can get them accustomed to the fact that they will have a younger sibling and thus will help to keep sibling jealousy at bay. Naming the baby girl or baby boy, and addressing them so, is a good start.

5. It’s Fun

Well, why not!! gender scan clinics are quite accurate to determine the gender of the unborn baby. And this service can be offered quite easily at leading baby scan clinic for a small extra charge. These sessions are joyous and fun ways to get to know your baby in advance.

So, mater what specific reasons, parents-to-be has, getting them done is always a good idea, as it offers many positive features without risking your health or your baby’s even the least.

This Father’s Day Give Credit To The Tireless Fathers Too — June 12, 2019

This Father’s Day Give Credit To The Tireless Fathers Too

Congratulation for your upcoming baby. In case you are pregnant and going through a swamp of emotions, it is normal for you to giggle, cry, bash out or feeling worried from time to time. You are not to be blamed as it is the pregnancy hormone who is the culprit behind it. Certainly, your ultrasound baby scan clinic can calm your nerve about the worries you had for your baby. Now let’s talk about someone whom you often forget to address as much you should, the baby daddy.

It happens a lot that the pregnancy hormones make you edgy and you unleash most of the same on your partner for ‘getting you into all the troubles’. Surely most mother can’t help but feel unfair, as the fathers don’t carry the baby inside them and ironically the babies carry their father’s surname. But now its time to release the built up anger and understand the scenario from their side too.

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic 2They work tirelessly to deal with all the financial need about the baby. Having a baby in the UK is not light on budget and you know it. Not only you have to plan for prenatal care along with medication and trips to baby scan clinic, but also for birthing and postnatal care. Don’t even get us to start on how much schools, the college tuition fee is going to cost. While you are most likely absorbed with the thoughts of your baby, your partner is doing math in his head even about when the child outgrows your arms.

So, no matter if you are planning to be a working mom or a stay at home mom, there is an immense pressure on the father to make a decent earning. So, its okay if they forget to ask about your day once in a while, or sleeps at night with lots of Zzz, even when you are taking midnight strolls around the house, due to the baby’s kicking and punching.

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic 3They feel emotional too even if they are not showing it. You are blessed enough if your husband is loving, caring and responsible for both you and your baby. Cut them some slack and go easy. But feel free to talk to them when you feel the need. Remember communication from the start might work wonder. So, this father’s day, surprise them with a warm wish and a warm reassuring hug.

Decoding the benefits of Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinics — May 27, 2019

Decoding the benefits of Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinics

Ultrasound scanning is one of the primary requirements after the news of pregnancy. Ultrasound baby scanning proves assurance to millions of women who are expecting. As such, the ultrasound baby scanning services have become an integral part of the mother’s journey during pregnancy. Ultrasound scanning is the only way of producing high-quality images for the unborn baby without any side effects. The procedure is extremely painless and quick with almost non-invasive techniques. At the same time, Ultrasound scanning services can be availed during initial stages of the pregnancy which provides high-quality images of the baby to understand various facets such as the size, health and shape of the baby. Some of the reasons behind the critical importance of ultrasound scanning services during pregnancy are as follows:

Detecting Abnormalities and identifying timeline

Ultrasound scanning also helps in detecting any anomalies or irregular activity occurring within the foetus or mother’s womb. Thus, the physicians are able to detect these abnormalities and find suitable correction programs. Furthermore, the measurement of the foetus, size and growth process also help in determining the due date for the pregnancy.

Low Risk

The safety of ultrasound scanning services is known to everyone. The adverse effects of ultrasound scans are minimal. Unlike other methods of screening like X-rays, no radiations are used in ultrasound. Instead, sound waves are utilised which bounces off from the body of the pregnant mother and the foetus. These sound waves create echoes which in turn becoming moving images. Various studies have been conducted over the years to identify any harmful effects or long-term side effects of ultrasounds but no such evidence has been collected. The only risks come if the procedure is not conducted properly. As such, it is essential to select only those ultrasound baby scanning services with trained and skilled healthcare professionals.

Gender Identification

With the popularity of gender reveal parties, ultrasound scanning is increasingly used for identifying the gender of the baby. The twist is that parents-to-be get to know and celebrate the gender of the baby after it is revealed by the doctor.

Ultrasound scanning is an essential part of the pregnancy period. However, it is essential to opt for best service providers. Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services is known for its equipped & advanced scanning tools and highly qualified doctors as well as healthcare professionals for providing the best ultrasound services at affordable costs.

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic Reading sets the new bar in pregnancy — May 15, 2019

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic Reading sets the new bar in pregnancy

There was a time when people used to wait for nine long months in order to get the first glimpse of their baby. With time, came science and it was then possible to see partial movements of the baby within the mother’s womb. Now in the 21st Century, it has become possible to get an exhaustive data on the child even before he/she is born, all thanks to Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic Reading.

Imagine availing a service where one can easily track the movements of the unborn child, keep a track of his/her development on a monthly basis and above all, ensure that the baby and the mother are healthy throughout. With ultrasound technology, it is now possible to track each and every movement of the baby within the womb. In general terms, this scan is also referred to as 4D baby scan.

Accessing ultrasound baby scan clinic reading

There is no special permission required for undergoing this type of baby scan. Any pregnant lady can undergo this scan and track the development of baby from time to time. The mechanism that is followed in this process is a series of sound waves is sent to the mother’s womb under professional supervision and in reference to the soundwave’s response an image is generated on the attached screen. The image clearly resembles the child and reflects the movement in real-time.

Is it safe?

The question of safety is one of the most question that is asked. Safety is a priority for every pregnant woman. All the tests are carried out under professional guidance to ensure that nothing affects the mother or the child. Moreover, these tests are not only an indicator towards child’s development within the womb, but also serves as an evidence for tracking regular growth. Any inconsistency in reports can immediately be addressed to doctors in the very first instance.

Can the images and videos be taken home?

Ultrasound baby scan clinic Reading let’s you cherish the memories. The clinic offers exclusive rights to the parents to carry the images and video over digital medium. In some cases, there can be an additional cost for a high definition video. The bottom-line is that you can start building your child’s timeline even before he/she opened his/her eyes in this world.

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